Get to know me - Q & A


Top 3 Artists - Kano, The Game, Loyle Carner. 5 would be waay harder

Top 3 Albums - Hoodies all Summer, The Documentary, Not Waving, but Drowning. (Again not even going to attempt top 5)

Item I couldn't live without - Glasses (I literally couldn't do anything!)

Best/ Worst school subjects - Maths/ Science were my best. Art and English were not

Favourite Film - Rocky 4 

Favourite TV show - Ahhhh but there's so many! Dragon Ball Z, Fresh Prince, Brooklyn 99, Flarrowverse and 90s X-men

Favourite Comic - Easy. The Killing Joke. 

Favourite Smell - Fresh baked bread or petrol 

Favourite Food - Cheese, all of it

Favourite Drink - Milk or Rum

Starter or Dessert - Can I skip the main?!?



I had no idea what to write in this section so I asked my mates to describe me in 3 words. I've included most of the responses! (There were some that I couldn't include)

Photo Credit: Paul Boast