How did I get here?

WIP feature comedy show


***Thanks to The Rona, this gig has been postponed until further notice. I will let everyone know more when we do. This will happen just not sure when yet.***


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It is an unprecedented period of local lockdowns. Rebel activist groups, striking for multiple causes, achieved victories against the evil Tory MPs. During the battle, They fought for hungry children, The BLM movement, in date PPE and safe measures for Covid. Many were locked in their house with nowhere to go, losing their minds. Some people spent their time completing Netflix, sunbathing or baking sourdough. One man spent that time writing, mostly comedy, that no one but his super lucky housemate and his brothers would be subjected to. For some reason that man believes some of it is ready for the public to consume. Now with his new work in progress gig titled 'How did I get here?' he believes, like Princess Leia, he can save his people (anyone that will listen to him ramble) and restore sanity and freedom to The Galaxy...

Well around 50 people in the local Nottingham area. 


So basically I've been working on a feature show, that will be shown at Nottingham Comedy Festival on 14th Nov at The Canalhouse. Tickets are limited so that we stay Covid compliant so get them before they run out. There will be support from the amazing Ollie Curl and possibly more! 


If you want to know more or to book me for a gig get in contact at or respectively. 


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