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What they do in their words - The Nottingham Community Artist Network C.I.C is a community arts organisation that through three main strands of Community Artist-Led Research, Community Artist Training and Community Arts Delivery & Events, aspires to socially, creatively and educationally enrich local communities using the Arts. We aspire to support, nurture and facilitate active community engagement between local community groups and the Arts and Arts Practitioners through two main focuses being, research of local social, political and environmental issues and the training, developing and support of the artists that facilitate this work.


For this project there were 3 projects that you could be part of; Mental Health, Gender & Sexuality, and Race & Immigration. I took part in the Mental Health and Race workshops, as these were the two that spoke to me most. It was put together by Trekkah (Benjamin Zięć), Owner of Phlexx records, DJ, Musician, Producer check his stuff out at he's doing massive things! As part of the project the poems that we've created during and as a result of these workshops will be put together in physical print collection. This I am super excited for not only is it being put together by the amazing Dom Rekas, creator of The Rising issue [] but some of the pieces are going to illustrated by the unbelievably talented Raph []. During one of the session Raph brought our poems to life with a live drawing interpretation of them while we were reading them. This is certain to be an amazing collection that I can not wait to shout about being part of!


In addition to sparking soooo many writing ideas and plans in both sessions I met and worked with magnificent poets and artists that I am buzzing about working with again! 

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