RACE: Rebelling Against Crimes and Exploitation


**Deadline extended until 15th November**


I also wanted to make it clear that this is not a collection solely for People of Colour, but anyone that has something to say about the topics of race, crime, exploitation, equality, injustice, culture and society.


Hello anyone reading!


Some of you know that I’ve been getting quite into poetry since I’ve started doing it in January. One thing that I have really enjoyed is seeing how far I am able to push myself and do things that I previously thought I would never do. Whether that be just actually writing a poem, joining a collective (shout out to The GOBS collective!) or actually getting up and performing my work.


Now I have decided to embark on another mission. Creating and publishing a poetry collection. But, I didn’t want to do it for the sake of doing it. So I’ve thought long and hard (it might’ve helped I was stuck in the house for months with nothing else to do) and I decided to create something that will spark conversations, help bring change and give to great causes. I have decided to call the collection; RACE: Rebelling Against Crimes and Exploitation. And get the great poets and wordsmiths of this earth to help contribute to this project and make it incredible!


I have posted the full writers call below, but please share this, spread it tell people on socials, ring them up, when you actually see other humans, by carrier pigeon, smoke signal or any other means you know of! Let's keep this movement that has started going and let's get this project to be monumental!


Any questions, comments, ideas, if you just want a chat or any help with poems get in touch @Sandhuwrites on all socials (links at the top of the page).




RACE: Rebelling Against Crimes and Exploitation


Hello poets, wordsmiths and spoken word people. I’m putting together a poetry collection that will be published. It will be called RACE: Rebelling Against Crime and Exploitation. I would like to get you amazingly talented people to submit poems to me to be included in the collection. Submitted work needs to be focusing on race, crime, exploitation, equality, injustice, culture and society. It doesn’t matter if you have zero or a hundred poems published before, I’d love to hear from you!  


You may only submit a maximum of 8 poems, and I will be looking to include 3-5 poems per person for the collection.


As I want it to be a force for good and to spark conversations, any money made from the collection will be given to good causes such as; The Black Curriculum and other charities. 


If you are interested you can check out a more in-depth post on SandhuWrites.co.uk in the Poetry section.  


If you have any questions, find me on Twitter and Instagram: @sandhuwrites (links at the top of the page) or email me at Poetry@sandhuWrites.co.uk 


All submissions need to be sent to Poetry@SandhuWrites.co.uk


The deadline for submissions is 1st November.


I look forward to hearing from you brilliant people!