Young peoples Mental Health


Any young people reading this lets be fair, being young is hard (I do remember regardless of how long ago it was!) especially during the marvellous year that was 2020; lockdowns, viruses, protests, not seeing family and friends, no school (you know you miss it), lack of playing sports and another orange virus (only in America). All of this along with just the general pressures of being a teenager can take a massive toll on your head. 


Whatever you may be going through from worries, problems with school or a range of mental health challenges the likelihood is that I have either had experience of helping someone with a large variety of these and should be able to help you! Get in contact anyhow you feel comfortable IG, Twitter (both @Sandhuwrites), Emails ( I will help in anyway that I can! 


This project is just starting out and if people would like it we could look at setting up virtual group meeting and activities or a whole range of face to face activities when we are allowed to!